Ace cricketer Virat Kohli, who is a fitness enthusiast, has said that one should have quality sleep to do lead a health life.

Kohli, who has been appointed as a brand ambassador for sleep solutions provider Duroflex, said he understod the importance of sleep and recovery in maintaining peak physical and mental health.

“I strongly believe prioritising good quality sleep can lead to a healthier and more fulfilling life in your career as well as with your loved ones. It is not just about getting enough hours of rest, but also about the quality of sleep one gets,” he said, addressing a gathering after the announcement here on Monday.

“When we speak about fitness and health, it is having adequate sleep that helps the body respond better to the challenges,” he said.

“I ensure I get deep restorative sleep. Becoming the face of the brand was a natural decision for me as I believe in the brand’s mission. I am excited to bring a new dimension to the brand and drive its message of sleeping better for a long, healthy, and enhanced quality of life,” he said.

Duroflex said the move was aimed at promoting “conversation around quality sleep and its indispensable role in optimal health”.

“This collaboration will showcase our commitment to spreading awareness about the link between quality sleep and a healthier, more fulfilling life,” Mathew Chandy, Chairman and Managing Director of Duroflex, said.

Kohli also launched Duroflex’s new product Neuma, a firmness adjustable mattress.

Online business

“We sell through own stores, franchise stores and online. Even before Covid we began the online or direct-to-consumer business, which was initially just a fraction of our entire business. Now, it contributes over 30 per cent to our business,” Mohanraj J, CEO of Duroflex, said.

He said the company has a network of 60 stores. “We are planning to take the number of stores to 100 in the next one year,” he said.

The sleep solutions market, which stands at about ₹15,000 crore, is growing at 6-8 per cent.