On ground, it may seem as though Chennai Super Kings enjoyed the maximum support in the Indian Premier League 2023 edition, yet on social media, the team with the most conversations was Royal Challengers Bangalore, followed by Mumbai Indians and CSK.

Ad tech platform iCubesWire, took a deep dive into Twitterverse to create a comprehensive sentiment analysis study on IPL 2023, monitoring conversations around the tournament. The study is based on various data points, including the total number of mentions and the breakdown of neutral, positive and negative sentiments for different categories. Some snapshots:

· Virat Kohli created the most buzz on Twitter. However, the analysis hinted at a love-hate relationship, with a considerable share of negative sentiment at 14.65 per cent.

· SuryaKumar Yadav, with 45.3 per cent positive reactions, was among the crowd’s favourites. Shubman Gill, despite having approximately 86 per cent less reach than Virat, stood out among batsmen along with Faf du Plessis, garnering positive sentiments reflecting their favourable public image.

· On the other side of the pitch, bowler Mohit Sharma became the most talked about bowler during the IPL 2023, with Rashid Khan and Mohammed Shami grabbing second and third spots.

· In the captain’s corner, MS Dhoni remained the favourite captain with the highest share of positive sentiments at 38.2 per cent. Rohit Sharma stood his ground as the second favourite captain. No surprises, KL Rahul’s captaincy received the largest share of negative sentiments among the captains at 27.4 per cent.