How ready are marketers to tackle the changes that consumer data privacy development will bring about? InMobi commissioned Forrester Consulting to study this and in its report Future of Mobile Advertising in Tackling Data and Identity Deprecation finds that three in five Indian businesses are still trying to identify and understand the impact of consumer data privacy developments on their current mobile marketing strategy.

The InMobi report highlights that in the light of consumer data privacy practices, while brands are struggling with the lack of reliable ecosystem partners for gathering first-party data, publishers are battling organisational silos causing lack of visibility around privacy-related regulations and a struggle to consolidate data. A common challenge across organisations is the lack of executive support for a data stewardship and governance programme.

As organisations start experimenting with alternative targeting approaches, the study shows 78 per cent of respondents are using contextual advertising to serve personalised messages to consumers based on demographics, preferences, and behaviors within the app. Eighty per cent of businesses in India are already acquiring consented third-party data and 78 per cent of businesses are building first-party data as alternate data sources.