This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) — the year beginning event in Las Vegas that showcases not only transformative technology, but also gives pointers on the future of marketing — predictably saw a lot of buzz around AI. The use of AI in cutting edge gadgets and gizmos was expected. But what was interesting was the applications in femtech (L’Oreal’s machine that can analyse people’s skins and IdentifyHer’s wearable sensor that tracks menopause symptoms and delivers a cooling effect during hot flashes, among other things). There was also a lot more focus on inclusive tech. Among the gadgets that caught the eye was a TV that disappears and becomes a living sculpture. This was the LG Signature OLED T with a transparent display panel and a contrast filter behind it that can be lowered or raised to turn it into a TV. CES 2024 was also more about mobility — technology transforming transportation.