The most downloaded app in the world — Tik Tok — is facing trouble. The social media app, owned by China’s ByteDance which has been banned in India, is now staring at a ban in some US States as well. On Friday, Montana legislators approved a bill to ban TikTok from the State. If implemented, it would be the first State-wide ban in the US for the app, which has huge following in the US. Several States in the US — 27 at last count — have already banned Tik Tok on government owned devices. Given that Tik Tok has been setting social media trends, marketers will be watching the announcements closely. Will it mean winding down of the popularity of Tik Tok in the US?

D2C pulls in growth for ecom

India’s e-commerce logistics space recorded more than 4 billion parcels in FY23, on track to comfortably exceed 10 billion parcels by FY28 — riding on new categories, D2C brands along with continued growth in T2+ cities, says a new report by Redseer Strategy Consultants. D2C has emerged as a strong growth segment within e-commerce, and D2C brands across channels are expected to grow overall GMV at 35 per cent in next few years forecasts the report. A total of $33 billion of GMV is expected to be generated from D2C brands across all channels by CY27.

Although competition is intensifying, Delhivery remains the clear market leader in FY23 within e-commerce third-party logistics parcels, as per Redseer data. “Despite funding headwinds, there are multiple pockets of high growth and high yield opportunities available for e-logistics players, be in D2C or large goods or non-e-commerce segments. Players who build robust capabilities and offerings to serve this demand effectively will be more resilient in these challenging times and will be better positioned for long term market share and yield leadership, ” says Mrigank Gutgutia, Partner, Redseer Strategy Consultants.