ABB India has achieved the 5 gigawatt milestone for solar inverters. From schools to airports, canal tops and mega solar plants, ABB's solar inverters power solar installations across the country.

According to market reports, India is set to become the third largest solar market in 2017, and is expected to touch about 5 per cent of the global solar capacity.

Azure Power and ABB India's senior leadership were present at an event to mark the 5GW milestone journey supported by ABB customers in India.

The event took place at ABB's solar inverter factory in Bengaluru. Inverters are the heart of solar installations and ABB pioneered inverter production in the country in 2012.

Last year, ABB India doubled its solar inverter manufacturing capacity in India. In 2015 it doubled its solar inverter installed base to 2GW in a span of five months. ABB's end-to-end portfolio for solar energy, including solar inverters, powers about 50 per cent of the solar projects in the country.