AITMC Ventures has received an undisclosed strategic investment from IMK Capital at a valuation of ₹500 crore.

The technology company is focused on promoting self-employment by facilitating training of 3.50 lakh drone pilots through government schemes and NBFCs. The initiative aims to provide assistance to farmers across 6.60 lakh villages in India.

In addition, it plans to establish 33 centres of excellence for agriculture and drone training in India and abroad.

The strategic investment will enable AITMC Ventures to accelerate its growth and expansion plans, bolster its research and development efforts, besides enhancing product offerings.

Founded in December 2016 by Deep Sisai, a first-generation entrepreneur, AITMC Ventures is involved in vocational training and skill development.

With this investment from IMK Capital, AVPL is well-positioned to leverage its technological expertise to tap new markets and cement its position as a market leader in the logistics technology space.

Mayank Singhvi , CEO, IMK Capital, said the investment will help AITMC Ventures unlock new growth opportunities and achieve its full potential with customer-centric approach and innovative solutions.

The company has several partnerships with public sector undertakings (PSUs), national, and international organisations such as EDCIL India (Ministry of Education), Telecommunications Consultants India (Ministry of Communication), Indian Telephone Industry (Ministry of Telecom) and The Bharat Scouts and Guide.

Deep Sihag Sisai, CEO, AITMC Ventures, said the company is now well-positioned to strengthen its position as a leading technology provider in the logistics and supply chain industry.