Actors Akshay Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan and Alia Bhatt were among the top three most visible celebrity endorsers in advertisements on television in January-June period of this year. Per data released by AdEx India, a division of TAM Media Research, film stars cornered a larger share of TV advertising compared to sports stars.

Nearly 30 per cent of the ads telecast on TV were found to be endorsed by celebrities in the first half of the year. Of this, film stars contributed more than 80 per cent share followed by sport stars (11 per cent) and TV stars (4 per cent).

Over the last three years, volumes of celebrity-endorsed ads on TV have been steadily rising. Share of ads featuring celebrities in total TV ad volumes almost doubled in January-June 2022 compared with the corresponding period in 2020. “Celebrity endorsed ads increased significantly in March-May’22 and March ‘22 had the highest celebrity ad volumes share,” the Celebrity Endorsement Report by TAM AdEx noted.

Top 10 celebrities

Akshay Kumar was the most visible celebrity in terms of TV ads with 11 per cent share followed by Amitabh Bachchan at 5 per cent share and Alia Bhatt at 4 per cent. Others to feature in the top ten most visible celeb endorser rankings included MS Dhoni, Vidya Balan, Shah Rukh Khan, Taapsee Pannu, Ranveer Singh, Anushka Sharma and Kareena Kapoor.

“ In Jan-Jun 22, eight of the top 10 celebrities, including Akshay Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan , Alia Bhatt , Vidya Balan, Shah Rukh Khan, Taapsee Pannu, Ranveer Singh, and Kareena Kapoor endorsed higher number of brands compared with January-June 2021,” the report noted.

Top categories

Floor and toilet cleaners, aerated drinks, hair dyes, pan masala and washing powder and liquids emerged as the top five categories endorsed by celebrities on TV ads in the first half of the year. Other key categories backed by celebrity endorsers included non-aerated drinks, biscuits, DTH service providers and soaps.

In fact, as many as 35 celebrities, the highest number, were seen endorsing various online gaming players on TV during the January-June period.