PCB design software firm Altium expects four times growth in India over the next twelve months, driven by key areas such as AI, electric vehicles (EV), and the medical sector. The company has also partnered up with leading institutes including IIT (Chennai, Mumbai, and Delhi), PES University (Bengaluru), Chandigarh University, and NIT as a part of their education program.

Altium provides software tools that connect PCB designers, part suppliers, and manufacturers to develop and manufacture electronic products. In February, Japanese semiconductor firm Renesas also announced its plans to acquire Altium for US$6 billion.

A statement by the company indicated that India’s electronics sector is anticipated to become a $300 billion industry by 2026. The company aims to invest in key areas such as education, pre- and post-sales, tech support, operations teams, and partnerships.

Gérard Métrailler, SVP and General Manager, Software at Altium said, “Our investment in India is an essential part of our global and industry-wide growth strategy. Altium is fully supporting the Make in India program. And with Bangalore the center of electronics innovation in India, Altium is thrilled to expand its investment in electronics product development and the education of India’s next generation of electronics innovators.”

Altium started the education programs in March 2020 and currently has over 130,000 students across 130 countries. According to the company, Altium will leverage these programs - including the Altium Educator Center, Student Lab, and Women’s Scholarship Program - to build a workforce of industry-ready electronic designers in India.

These programs offer educators and students professional Altium software, curriculum, and training at no charge. The company is also planning to have its cloud platform Altium 365 hosted in the region in the second half of 2024.

(Reported by BL intern Vidushi Nautiyal)