Ahead of Prime Day, Amazon India on Thursday announced the launch of ‘Multi-Seller Flex’ (MSF), an India first innovation to enable sellers from Tier-2 and below towns to earn a Prime badge for their listings and benefit with access to millions of Prime members. This launch will enable Amazon to offer customers a wider Prime selection and faster deliveries for Prime members, while enabling entrepreneurship and creation of thousands of indirect jobs in Tier-2 and below geographies.

Multi-Seller Flex sites are fulfilment centres spanning 2,000 sq ft on average, operated by authorised third-party service providers (local entrepreneurs). As part of the programme, Amazon.in partners with local entrepreneurs to provide sellers with storage for their inventory and processing of customer orders while Amazon will provide shipping and logistics support for seller shipments.

Sellers can engage with local entrepreneurs to send their products to the nearest MSF site and make them available to customers across the country enabling sellers to save on transportation costs associated with sending products to the Amazon Fulfilment Centres (FCs) outside their city. Small sellers who require support in storing their inventory and processing customer orders will benefit from this program. Thousands of sellers from about 100 tier-2 and below towns like Kottayam, Panipat, Nellore, Valsad, Hisar among others are already using MSF and will be participating during the upcoming Prime Day on July 26 and 27.

“With a higher number of sellers joining e-commerce from Tier-2 and below cities, we are partnering with third-party service providers who can benefit from the revenues they earn for owning and operating Multi-Seller Flex sites, to enable sellers from tier-2 and below to access Amazon Prime benefits to sell to customers across the country. The launch of MSF will also reduce the time to launch sellers’ products on the marketplace significantly and will also help in eliminating significant operational costs. These benefits can help support and drive the digitization of SMBs that seek to access and service a wide customer base through the online marketplace,” said Srikant Sreeram, Director, Seller Flex at Amazon India.