Asahi Industries Limitedhas informed BSE that the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company is scheduled on 19/02/2019 ,inter alia, to consider and approve The un-audited financial results of the Company for the quarter ending 31st December, 2018 together with the limited review report of the statutory auditors of the Company will be certified and signed by the Company Secretary of the Company and subsequently taken on record by the Interim Resolution Professional on Tuesday, 19th day of February, 2019. Subsequently these financial results will be filed with the stock exchanges by the Company Secretary.

Pdf Link: Asahi Industries Limited - Board Meeting Intimation for The Un-Audited Financial Results Of The Company For The Quarter Ending 31St December, 2018 Together With The Limited Review Report Of The Statutory Auditors Of The Company Will Be Certified And Signed By The Company Secretary Of The Company And Subsequently Taken On Record By The Interim Resolution Professional On Tuesday, 19Th Day Of February, 2019. Subsequently These Financial Results Will Be Filed With The Stock Exchanges By The Company Secretary.

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