Indians have stayed loyal to their love for biryani for the 7th year in a row. Swiggy received 137 Biryani orders per minute in 2022, making it the top most ordered dish this year, followed by Masala Dosa and Samosa.

The average rate of biryani orders this year is higher than last year’s average of 115 Biryani orders per minute. According to Swiggy’s annual trends report, there was an uptake in orders for foreign dishes like Sushi, Mexican Bowls, Korean Spicy Ramen and Italian pasta. Ravioli (Italian) and Bibimbap (Korean) were two of the emerging popular choices this year. 

Like the undying love for biryani, people also stuck to their favourite dessert choice, Gulab Jamun. It was ordered 27 lakh times this year, making it the top dessert. Rasmalai with 16 lakh orders and Choco Lava Cake with over 10 lakh orders were the runner-ups. In ice cream, Choco Chip, Alphonso Mango and Tender Coconut were the most ordered.

Food ordering appetite grew

In 2022, over 1,00,000 new restaurants and cloud kitchens joined Swiggy across the country. As the appetite for food ordering grows, the order sizes have also rocketed: a single order in Bangalore went up to ₹75,378 during Diwali. A close contender came from Pune, who ordered burgers and fries for his entire team with a bill value of ₹71,229. 

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Swiggy delivery executives also had a busy year, with top-performing executives like Manoj Vk from Thiruvananthapuram, Dinesh Kumar from Trichy and Sachin Saini from Panipat clocking over 8,300 orders. Among women delivery executives, Thresia and Viji from Thiruvananthapuram delivered close to 6,000 orders. 

Dining-out is back 

As the pandemic waned, over 10,000 new restaurants joined Swiggy Dineout this year. The company recorded average bookings of 596 tables per hour and customers spent 25 per cent more while dining out in 2022 as compared to last year. 

What did India need “quickly”

Swiggy Instamart saw over 5 crore orders and counting just from Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. The company saw a 305.55 per cent growth in orders for tea and 273.67 per cent for coffee.

In Fruit & Vegetables, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, watermelons, bananas and tender coconut were the most ordered. Over 50 lakh kilograms of organic fruits and vegetables were also sold on the platform. 

The healthiest eaters came from Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune. Exotic fruits such as Dragon Fruit, Pomelo, Berries, and Wood Apple found love too with over 17 lakh kilograms of exotic fruit being sold. 

“We noted some quirky search trends on Instamart including petrol, mommy, sofa, beds, underwear and more. We get it, and we’ll try bringing some of these to you next year maybe. To the 55,000 users who searched for Swiggy and Instamart on Instamart- you’re always on our minds too,” the company said in a statement on Thursday. 

The above data is from Swiggy’s order analysis and reflects millions of food, grocery, and other on-demand transactions across India from January- November, 2022.