BSH Home Appliances has announced the strategic rebranding of Siemens Home Appliances. The refreshed Siemens brand identity was unveiled in Bengaluru, representing a significant milestone in reshaping the future of high-end home appliances in the Indian market.

The reshaping of Siemens was consciously designed following BSH’s commitment to consumer centricity, according to a press release. It tackles highly-relevant societal topics based on a new perception of ‘Progress.’ The focus is on making technology approachable and joyful, revolutionising the home with distinctive, modern, and sophisticated designs that captivate consumers.

Saif Khan, Managing Director & CEO, BSH Home Appliances India, said, “With the new brand identity, Siemens Home Appliances aims to create holistic premium experiences for our customers powered by meaningful innovations and smart technologies that go beyond appliances and transform homes. Siemens is poised to shape the future of living for Indian consumers, drawing on a legacy of excellence since its inception. Siemens Appliances is not just introducing products; we are paving the way for a visionary and technologically advanced era in the homes of tomorrow.”

The updated visual identity system presents a dynamic and modern brand image, symbolising progress and a forward-looking approach in line with the expectations of discerning Siemens consumers. The design showcases a vibrant color palette, including deep blue, pure white, and the iconic Siemens petrol. Through the strategic use of typography and imagery, the design embodies the brand’s commitment to progress and future-oriented thinking, presenting consumers with a transformed visual experience that is urban, sleek, active, and authentic, highlighting distinctive and noteworthy personalities.

The revamped design is now accessible to consumers at various retail touchpoints and experience centers across India. With a brand purpose centered on “empowering ambitions,” Siemens Home Appliances aims to redefine the home appliance landscape. BSH Home Appliances recently launched the game-changing iQ700 range of built-in ovens under the Siemens brand in India which defines the future of cooking. Pioneering the industry, these ovens feature an integrated camera for personalized browning level selection, catering to individual tastes and preferences.