To tackle the environmental damage caused by disposable baby diapers, Kochi-based Bumberry Cloth Diapering Company has come up with eco-friendly reusable cloth diapers for babies, which it hopes will effect a marked shift in consumer preferences.

The company believes sustainable and eco-friendly parenting practices will help reduce the mounting waste from disposable diapers. Kuttikrishnan P C, Bumberry Founder and Director, said the company is spearheading a movement on modern cloth diapering among Indian parents to help them make smarter choices while buying diapers for their babies.

Targeting the Indian mass market, the company has introduced Bumberry smart nappies at a price tag of ₹200 per piece that can be used over 200 times. “We manufacture cloth diapers using absorbent microfiber fabric providing comfort for babies while significantly reducing non-biodegradable waste”, Kuttikrishnan said.

The intention is to show parents that choosing diapers should be thoughtful. It is not just about their convenience but primarily keeping in mind the baby’s best interest by making a healthy and hygienics choice, he said.

He cited the campaigns by various diaper brands committing 12 hours of protection, which is not aligned with the idea of “conscious diapering.’’ The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends that diapering should be restricted to less than 6 hours.

At the same time, cloth diaper manufacturers face several challenges, including dispelling misconceptions about cloth diapers, addressing the higher upfront cost compared to disposables and managing a reliable and cost-effective supply chain for materials – both man-made functional fabrics and natural fabrics such as organic cotton.

On the motivation to venture into cloth diapering, Kuttikrishnan said he had experienced the challenges of diapering as a first-time parent in 2011. Using up to 6 to 7 disposable diapers a day, which equates to around 7,000 diapers until a child is toilet trained, was a concern. However, the American company’‘s awareness of cloth diapers has facilitated entering into the market with a sustainable diaper solution.

According to him, the company has been growing steadily, primarily selling through online channels and serving through physical stores in south India. By the end of this year, the products will be available in over 10,000 offline stores in the country. With ₹10.5 crore business turnover, the company is now working to raise funds to expand the line of smart, reusable nappies and adult diapers.

He added that joining the Walmart Vriddhi programme, which works closely with MSME helped to navigate the hurdles caused by Covid especially in emphasizing digital literacy and e-commerce platforms. Walmart Vriddhi became the company’s strategic guide in navigating the commercial spaces. Bumberry established a strong foothold in online marketplaces and started winning many customers.