BusinessLine has emerged India’s second most widely read business and financial daily. In the recently released Indian Readership Survey 2017, BusinessLine , with a total all-India readership of 7.75 lakh, is second nationally, behind Economic Times (28.78 lakh readers). It has consolidated its leadership position among pure-play financial newspapers, pushing Business Standard (5.05 lakh readers) and Mint (4.53 lakh readers) to the third and fourth place, respectively.

BusinessLine ’s unique mix of credible reporting and informed analysis has also ensured an unmatched quality of readership.

More than two-thirds of BusinessLine readers (5.13 lakh) fall into the ‘A’ category of consumers in the New Consumer Classification System, providing focussed and concentrated reach amongst the most sought-after segment of consumers.

In fact, with nearly 70 per cent of BusinessLine readers holding a graduate or post-graduate degree and almost 60 per cent being under 40 years of age, BusinessLine has a highly discerning and informed audience.

The quality of content is further underlined by the degree of engagement our readers have with the paper; IRS 2017 numbers underscore that BusinessLine has the most engaged readership amongst business dailies, with more than 51 per cent of our readers spending over 30 minutes reading the newspaper on weekdays. This is a significantly higher proportion than that of ET (44 per cent) and Mint (24 per cent). In fact, 83 per cent of BusinessLine’s readers spend at least 15 minutes a day reading the paper.

BusinessLine was a pioneer in the digital space, too, being one of the earliest among business dailies to have an online presence. Over four lakh readers — around 52 per cent of the print readership — read the online version in the past month, against 44 per cent in the case of Mint and 56 per cent in the case of ET .

“The IRS numbers are an endorsement of the quality and credibility of our journalism,” said Raghavan Srinivasan, Editor, BusinessLine . “As part of The Hindu Group, we have always placed the Group’s core editorial values of credible, fair and ethical journalism front and centre. In the era of ‘fake news’ and ‘post truth’, it is encouraging to see discerning readers place a premium on quality journalism,” he added.

With as many as 18 editions spread across the South, North, West and East of the country, BusinessLine is indeed a truly national business daily.