Canon, widely known for its cameras and printers, announced its foray into the semiconductor business in India with a range of lithography equipment.

Called, nanoimprint lithography technology, the equipment stamps chip designs on to silicon wafers rather than etching them using light.

“Our latest technology, called Nanoimprint lithography equipment, imprints a pattern on a mask onto a wafer to form a fine pattern. Compared to the conventional optical exposure tool, it has a simple configuration without complex optics, and the electric power consumption is only 1/10 th. In addition, we will contribute to India’s semiconductor industrial growth by developing talent through our global training curriculum,” said Kazunori Iwamoto, Advisory Director, Deputy Chief Executive of Optical Products Operations, Unit Executive of Semiconductor Production Equipment Unit of Canon Inc.

Expanding presence

The company plans to provide skill development training to engineers in India as it provides overseas extended reality (XR) training and web learning.

Further, the company plans to grow its presence in the medical industry by collaborating with hospitals, and research institutes and providing them with technologies. The growth in the medical industry will be focused on establishing sales and service organisations and increasing customer base. Canon through its subsidiary Canon Medical Systems India will focus on expanding its presence in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. 

“Canon Medical Systems continues to develop breakthrough technology and applications including using AI, to support diagnostic imaging and therapeutic needs, all while optimizing patient outcomes. We understand that more and more people are suffering from non-communicable, lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes, and hope that our unique technologies can contribute and help medical professionals better deal with them. In India, Canon Medical Systems aims to provide our customers with higher quality services as a priority,” said Koh Yamada, President, Canon Medical Systems India Pvt. Ltd.