Coal India Ltd (CIL) has witnessed nearly 17 per cent rise in production at 400 million tonne (mt) till November 24 of the current fiscal, as compared with 342 mt same period last year. At the current rate, it is confident of achieving its target of producing 700 mt by the end of this fiscal.

The State-owned miner managed to hit the record time output of 400 mt almost 31 days ahead as compared to the mark achieved as on December 25 of last year. The company’s accelerated production brought down the annual growth rate to 6.9 per cent from 12.4 per cent at the beginning of the year. All the subsidiary companies of CIL sustained double digit production growth since the beginning of the current fiscal as compared to preceding fiscal, said a press statement issued by CIL.

Scale up production

“We began FY23 requiring 78 mt jump in volume terms to touch the target of 700 mt. As on November 24, the company has already achieved an increase of nearly 58 mt. In the ensuing months, we aim to sustain the tempo and further scale up the production and feel upbeat about achieving the target,” a senior executive of CIL said in the statement.

CIL’s production peaked to 2.1 mt as on the referred date which is the highest ever recorded single day’s output till November in any fiscal.

Paving the path to increased production in the remaining months of FY23, the company’s overburden removal (OBR) has been consistently logging an average of 5.4 million cubic metres (MCuM) per day during November till now. This level of OBR pace was never witnessed earlier. CIL’s OBR has risen into high orbit of 5.8 MCuM on November 23, which is yet another high, it said.

OBR is an important performance parameter that exposes the coal seam which simplifies the future extraction of coal. OBR also lends better mine geometry, leading to ease of operations and improved safety.

“With the monsoon season ended most of the mines have been dewatered. The festive season is also over. There will be greater availability of machines and manpower, leading to better production and productivity in the coming months,” it added.

Adding green cover

Coal India’s plantation of 1526 hectares (ha) as on November 15, 2022 has exceeded the FY23 annual target of 1510 ha achieving 101 per cent target satisfaction. The increased plantation helped in creating 76,544 tons of carbon sink potential per year.

Driven up by the eco concerns and to reduce CO2 emissions, CIL in recent years, has stepped up the efforts on greening its mining areas. The plantation area grew by 77 per cent so far as compared to close to 862 ha in FY21. In five years till FY22, 4,392 ha of greening inside the mine lease area has created carbon sink potential of 2.2 lakh-tonnes (LT) /year, it said.