FMCG major Dabur India on Tuesday said it plans to induct a fleet of 100 electric vehicles in its supply chain for last-mile product distribution.

This, it said, will help it move closer to its mission of achieving “carbon neutrality” in its operations.

The first batch of the new EVs has been inducted into its fleet in North India and has commenced deliveries in Haryana’s Sonepat area. Mohit Malhotra, CEO, Dabur India, said that all 100 vehicles would be inducted within the next 12 months across the nation, and will result in a sizeable reduction of carbon emissions annually. 

Green energy

“In line with the Government of India’s focus on safeguarding the environment and promoting a greener India, Dabur has taken the lead in engaging electric vehicles in our operations to replace fossil fuel-powered vehicles, thereby reducing emissions and protecting the environment. EV are an ideal solution to replace conventional fuel vehicles since they are energy-efficient, green and environment friendly. I am confident this move will also help us propagate the use of electric vehicles even in the hinterland,,” Malhotra added.

Green transport

“Transportation is one of the major pillars of the FMCG industry with hundreds of vehicles being used for distributing everyday-use products across the length and breadth of the country. Vehicular emissions are one of the largest contributors to pollution and EVs are the future to not just keep pollution levels in check, but also to reduce our carbon footprint as a nation. While the EV space is still nascent and developing in India, we are committed to move ahead with early adoption of these green vehicles in our supply chain for last-mile distribution,” added Sharukh A Khan, Executive Director–Operations, Dabur India.