A culture and system where firms and employees work as partners have to be built for the economy to work well and be vibrant, said Wipro’s Founder Chairman Azim Premji.

He was speaking at the diamond jubilee celebration of the Karnataka Employers’ Association in Bengaluru.

“We know that in reality, that this is the only way for businesses to be successful and to prosper,” Premji said.

He added that he thinks it is the responsibility of leadership on both sides to be able to resolve issues amicably and not lead to issues of confrontation and strikes. He mentioned that there are social, political, and economic changes happening and cited how climate change also has an effect on employment.

‘Spirit of partnership’

Premji mentioned that gig work increases productivity and flexibility for the companies. “Gig work is now increasing and is a token share of the workforce. The experience of companies with gig work is that it gives you a lot of productivity, a lot of flexibility and a lot of delving into talent, which you do not have within the company.”

He says that all the changes need to be back to the spirit of partnership, which ensures that all workers are treated fairly, even as new opportunities are fully leveraged. “Partnership is even more urgent with the global changes we will possibly face and we should have a constant candid dialogue to make it consistently possible,” he said.