Global recruitment platform Redrob has raised $4 million in seed round funding from Murex Partners and DS & Partners. 

The platform will bring AI to every stage of recruitment, from candidate search to messaging to interviews. It also announced the release of Redrob Online Skill Tests. After fundraising, it plans to expand its online testing platform with ‘Redrob Global People Search’, which uses AI to reorganise the world’s people data into a more universally understandable format to enable sales, networking and recruitment. 

However, it claims that the tests have helped companies design and deploy skill assessments to job applicants in 30 seconds, allowing them to predict on-the-job performance without human bias. 65 per cent of the world’s population is online, yet so few businesses are truly global,” said Felix Kim, co-founder and CEO, Redrob.

“The greatest obstacle to hiring and selling globally is a lack of contextual knowledge. For example, US recruiters don’t know about the local Ivy League in India, while Indian salespeople don’t know much about local distributors in the US”

India’s potential

According to Jinyoung Park, Senior Associate at Murex Partners, with India’s economic rise, we believe Redrob will be able to connect Indian talent to companies around the world.” 

“South Korean and US companies are increasingly looking to hire Indian talent but do not know where to start. We hope that the company will be able to solve this problem of information asymmetry,” said Han Joon Lee, Senior Vice-President at DS & Partners. 

In parallel, as the platform also predicts more companies will become globally distributed, it will expand its Employer of Record (EOR) product line. Employer of Record helps companies avoid outsourcing firms and directly hire talent from countries such as India without the need to set up an office or handle payroll, so even small start-ups can emulate the 24/7 operations of the Fortune 500 and their global subsidiaries.