Ashok Soota’s latest venture in the health and wellness space, Happiest Health, on Thursday, launcheda mobile app to produce knowledge on early diagnosis, gentler therapies, and more, and will release its first health and wellness lifestyle print magazine in February.

“These complement our digital offering and will make Happiest Health a unique health and wellness enterprise. The print magazine will help us to leverage this capability to address an even wider audience. Our first issue’s theme is women’s health. It includes stories on people who have battled health issues and are leading better and healthier lives,” said Ashok Soota, chairman, Happiest Health.

The mobile app will provide knowledge on early diagnosis, gentler therapies, and the latest developments from the intersection of health and technology. Additionally, the company is also introducing an array of wellness programmes to enhance physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental wellness.

“We are starting our metaverse journey with knowledge of diabetes. It will explain how blood sugar spikes affect our brain when we consume different kinds of food. One can keep track of their blood sugar levels, find information, and get management support, to name a few utilities. Our ultimate aim is to build a repository of virtual reality experiences that cover a range of topics such as understanding of the human anatomy, interactive mental health sessions with experts, and much more,” said Anindya Chowdhury, chief executive officer and president.