Houseware, a B2B SaaS revenue engine, has raised $2.1 million in a seed funding round led by Tanglin Venture Partners.

The round also saw participation from GTM Fund, Better Capital, and angel investors, including Snowflake, Stripe, Carta, Zendesk, Superhuman, and others.

Houseware will use the funding to grow its customer base, expand its team, and double down on alliances with partners like Snowflake to scale its offerings. The company said it intends to hire engineering and design talent in the country and plans to double its headcount this year.

“Houseware is building at the cusp of two really broad markets: the modern data stack and system of records, like the CRM inside SaaS companies. We look forward to supporting them as they create a seismic shift in this low NPS, deep TAM market,” said Sankalp Gupta, Partner at Tanglin Venture Partners.

Houseware enables SaaS businesses to create CRM built on the cloud for the modern world. It combines a modern data stack (tools like Snowflake) with consumerised SaaS (tools like Notion). The combination enables teams to move from being consumers of data to creators of data-first use cases across the revenue function.

“Data and metrics have come into sharp focus over the past six months across SaaS businesses, with board meetings now seeking answers to the cost of customer acquisition, which lead channels are working the best, or how product usage links to churn. Houseware plans to address these questions for the ecosystem to shape the next decade of SaaS, fuelled by growth and profitability concepts,” said Divyansh Saini, co-founder and CEO of Houseware.