JSW Paints on Wednesday announced a ‘Star Contractor Partner’ program for painting contractors, which enables all its contractors to convert their accumulated incentives and loyalty points into cash.

The Covid-19 pandemic and its resultant lockdown have severely impacted the contractors’ business for home paintings during peak season, said JSW Paints in a statement. The idea is to provide these contractors with access to cash in their bank accounts during these extraordinary times and more than 4,000 painting contractors across markets benefit from this initiative, it said.

JSW Paints’ Star Contractor Partner program allows painting contractors to accumulate star points through their loyalty mobile app as well as all engagement-based incentives earned by them every time they use the app. Painting contractors have accumulated a large cache of points over the past one year. JSW Paints has deployed its customer relationship officers to engage and encourage all contractors to encash their incentives from this program, it said.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted business demand in a big way. The contractors have been severely impacted as painting contracts are a key source of income for them, especially during the dry summer season ahead of the monsoons. As a result, most of these contractors are facing difficulties in paying their labour workforce as well as meeting day-to-day financial requirements… we believe it is our responsibility to help them during these difficult times by enabling the encashment benefits under the Star Contractor Partner program,” said A S Sundaresan, Joint MD and CEO of JSW Paints.