Kajaria Plywood reported consolidated net profit rose 13.6 per cent to ₹110.46 crore in the quarter ended March 2023. Total income rose to ₹1,215.24 crore from ₹1,108.78 crore.

Net profit for the fiscal year 2023 slid 9.5% to ₹346.20 crore. Total income jumped to ₹4,415.55 crore from ₹3,732.76 crore.

The board of directors recommended a final dividend of ₹3 per equity share of face value of one rupee each for the FY23. The said final dividend, if approved by the members of the company at AGM, will be paid within 30 days of its declaration.

They also approved the increase in the limit of investments in Kajaria Plywood Private Limited (KPPL), a wholly-owned subsidiary company, from ₹60 crore to ₹70 crore, in one or more tranches, through subscription of equity shares of KPPL and/or granting of unsecured loan to KPPL

Kajaria also approved investment up to ₹3.68 crore in equity shares of Sunsure Solarpark Two Private Limited for solar power captive consumption, as required under the provisions of the Electricity Act.

Kajaria Plywood Pvt. Limited, is a subsidiary of Kajaria Ceramics Limited, a manufacturer of ceramic/vitrified tiles in India. Kajaria Plywood is headquartered in New Delhi.