KarbonWise, a startup in the sustainability sector launched last year, has signed up with ten clients across India, the UK and West Asia to provide tech-based solutions to reduce carbon emissions.

With a strong pipeline of projects in the coming months, the platform has remained sector agnostic but aims to gradually build industry-specific products, starting with construction and pharmaceuticals. It also offers targeted solutions to address carbon emission-related challenges in the financial services sector.

The company offers streamlined technology-led solutions covering measurement, strategy development, carbon reduction planning and simplified ESG standard reporting compliant with global and country-specific, such as the BRSR report required by SEBI.

Recent data from the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction reveals that the construction industry alone contributes to 23 per cent of total energy-related CO2 emissions globally. Additionally, according to the World Bank, construction and demolition waste makes up 40 per cent of the total solid waste generated worldwide.

KarbonWise aims to drive tangible results, working towards a 50 per cent reduction in emissions by the end of the decade to meet the 1.5 degrees Celsius warming limit set at the Paris COP26.

Founded by Arjun Vijayaragavan, it aims to provide the right tools and capabilities to reduce carbon footprint across sectors.

Vijayaragavan said the company’s vision is to bring the best in technology and climate science to help enterprises achieve Net Zero ahead of time.

“Having worked with over 70 enterprises in the last decade, we understand their specific pain points and constraints. The solutions offered are Made in India but designed for the globe and built to convert constraints to opportunities,” he added.