Kerala-based start-up Avodha is joining hands with the Telangana government to upskill the youth.

The Kochi Infopark-headquartered Avodha has signed a MoU with Telangana government enterprise Setwin in this regard. The MoU was signed by Avodha CEO Joseph E George and Setwin Managing Director VenuGopala Rao.

Setwin was formed by the State government in 1978 for skilling unemployed youths. Avodha will make available its courses to the Telangana youths through the newly launched website Setwin Online ( ).

Setwin is joining hands with Avodha to offer eight courses such as digital marketing, ethical hacking, medical coding, game development, relationship management, corporate office assistant, store management and hospital management.

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Joseph E George said that the superior standard of Avodha courses, the relatively lower fees, and the placement facilities for the students brought the Telangana government to tie up with Avodha.

“The simplicity of Avodha’s courses has piqued the interest of the Telangana government. Some courses we could learn only in English, but Avodha provides those courses in their mother tongue,” said Aswin K Shekhar, Head (Sales).

Avodha currently provides 23 courses in the native languages of five States and English. Setwin offers the courses online for a fee of ₹2,800. The duration of the classes is three months (60-75 hours) and there will be a three-month internship also. Avodha will also make placement services available to the students who successfully complete the courses.