IT infrastructure service provider Kyndryl has announced collaboration with NVIDIA to provide a combination of technology and services for customers looking to rapidly scale generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) solutions in their respective industries, a company statement said today.

Kyndryl Bridge, the company’s AI-powered open integration digital business platform, will support the end-to-end lifecycle of AI development and implementation in real-world business environments for customers running full-stack NVIDIA accelerated computing and software. Kyndryl Consult will help speed up customers’ ability to test, verify, and deploy generative AI solutions, facilitate rapid application deployment, and enhance operational experience, the statement said.

To implement generative AI solutions in their IT operations, Kyndryl will leverage the NVIDIA NeMo platform and NVIDIA NIM inference microservices. These platforms will address industry-specific use cases like customer support, IT operations automation, fraud and loss prevention, and real-time analytics.  

Kyndryl adds generative AI capabilities to Kyndryl Bridge and Artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) services. The company will rely on NVIDIA NIM to simplify and speed generative AI deployments for network and application management.

This incorporation will enable AIOps optimisation on NVIDIA Tensor Core graphics processing units (GPUs) to rapidly process failure prediction and analysis while delivering insights to reduce network and IT infrastructure failure. The incorporation of retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) with NVIDIA NeMo Retriever microservices allows the solutions customised to enterprise environments.  

“By combining NVIDIA’s generative AI software with Kyndryl’s capabilities, we’re prepared to help address and resolve the biggest pain points for customers seeking to integrate AI across their hybrid IT estates,” said Hidayatullah Shaikh, Vice President of Software Engineering, Kyndryl Bridge. 

Via Kyndryl Bridge, Kyndryl offers services with the NVIDIA AI platform across industries like financial services, retail, telecom, and healthcare. Kyndryl Consult will support customer implementations running on the NVIDIA accelerated computing infrastructure, in on-premises deployments, or a private cloud, hybrid or multi-cloud environment.   

John Fanelli, Vice President of enterprise software at NVIDIA, commented, “As generative AI can scale productivity and insight for companies across industries, many organisations seek experts to help them quickly integrate AI applications into their operations. Kyndryl’s solutions and expertise in integrating full-stack NVIDIA AI can help customers rapidly establish and scale their AI strategies.”