Lee Pharma has been authorised to market Bio-Cartilage Smoothwalk Tablets in the United Arab Emirates region.

“This will be a milestone for the company as the tablet is the first nutraceutical product from India to be approved in the UAE,’‘ the Hyderabad-based Lee Pharma said in a release. 

Bio-Cartilage Smoothwalk Tablets are used in the domestic market in prevention therapy for knee surgery and to provide relief to patients suffering from painful and progressive arthritis, according to Alla Leela Rani, Director, Lee Pharma.

The product is under registration in West Asia and the East Asian countries, and the company plans to file a dossier in the US in the third quarter of 2024 for marketing authorisation.

Bio-Cartilage Smoothwalk Tablets contain collagen type-II, natural eggshell membrane, Boswellia and curcumin with vitamin D3, which act on joint and connective tissue disorders, to increase cartilage in joints. It is a novel composition of bio nutraceuticals, with phyto nutrients to prevent joint and connective tissue disorders.

The tablets are available in all online stores and pharmacies in India, the release added.