Living Foods, a Bengaluru-based start-up that started as a manufacturer and seller of fresh food items, such as leafy greens, is planning to launch two cloud kitchens that will serve ten locations in Mumbai after the successful launch of its cloud kitchens in Bengaluru.

“This month, we will begin operations in Mumbai. Our kitchens will have dishes tailored to the city’s flavours,” Akash Sajith, co-founder and CEO, Living Food told BusinessLine.

Living Foods intends to start with products which have regional flavour in Mumbai and will collaborate with vendors who offer prominent cuisines like Marwadi cuisine and Konkani food.

It runs two businesses—a business-to-customer (B2C) online retail store and cloud kitchens.

“We have strategically positioned ourselves in regions with little foot traffic for our cloud company; so, for example, we never serve biryani,” Sajit added. Living Food credits its success in Bengaluru to the use of local flavours in its products.

According to the company, the business potential for the start-up is created by the scarcity of whole foods and an inefficient food supply chain.

“The food supply chain system is not constructed for the end user if it is designed in a way that would cause individuals to contract diseases,” he said.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that malnutrition and non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer, can be warded off by a good diet. For adults, WHO recommends an intake of a diet consisting of whole grains such as unprocessed maize, millet, oats, wheat, brown rice, fruit, vegetables and legumes .

The company initially operated on a subscription-only model and has reached 1,27,000 households in Bengaluru, and now expects to double its reach by the end of FY23.

“We are looking to double the number of households count i.e., 3,00,000 houses in Bengaluru by the end of this year,” the CEO said.

In Bengaluru, it has three brands of cloud kitchens: Living Bowl—salad kitchen; Viva Pasta—pasta kitchen; and Pablo’s Sandwich Garden—a sandwich kitchen. The start-up produces and supplies microgreens (kale, beets, broccoli, etc.) and offers other products like sauces and spreads, handmade pasta, tea, coffee, fruits, pastries, beverages, etc.