Nestle India on Wednesday said that Maggi Noodles is safe for consumption and that it does not add ash at any stage of the manufacturing process.

The statement came after Shahjahanpur Administration in Uttar Pradesh decided to impose fine on Nestle India and its distributors after it allegedly found ash content above permissible limits in Maggi Noodle samples.

Nestle India, however, said that the administration was applying standards which are based on an old advisory issued in 2015.

“We strongly reiterate that at no stage of the manufacturing process “ash” is added to Maggi Noodles. It is a case of applying standards basis an old advisory issued in 2015.

Now, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has laid standards for instant noodles, pasta and seasoning. MAGGI noodles is fully compliant with this,” the company said.

“Maggi Noodles is fully compliant with the standards set by FSSAI. Maggi Noodles has always been safe for consumption and will continue to be,” the company added.