Mahindra group’s e-vehicle arm Mahindra Electric has partnered with car rental firm Zoomcar, under which the former’s 20 e2oPlus vehicles along with two fast charging units will be deployed on the latter’s platform in Mysuru.

These vehicles can be hired by residents and visitors in the city, the company said in a release today.

The initiative is aimed at promoting development of sustainable mobility ecosystem in the the erstwhile capital city of the state, according to the release.

Mysuru is being developed as a holistic EV (electric vehicle) ecosystem, in alignment with the Karnataka government’s EV policy which envisages going beyond metros.

“We are happy to be partnering with Zoomcar to promote EV adoption in India. This initiative is aligned with Mysuru vision of being a clean and green city,” Mahindra Electric chief executive officer Mahesh Babu was quoted as saying in the release.

He said the auto major was looking forward to Karnataka’s developing EV infrastructure as per its EV policy, the first of its kind by any state, to further promote shared electric mobility in the region.

This initiative is also aimed at promoting connected, shared and electric mobility as a model, in line with the recommendations in the NITI Aayog report on the Centre’s 2030 vision, the release said.

Besides, Mahindra is also offering fast charging services to enhance the EV experience for Zoomcar’s customers, it said adding currently, charging units have been installed at two locations in the city, which can be used by EV users.

The plan is to have more units installed at key locations in the future with the government support, the car maker said.

A similar model is proposed to be replicated in Chandigarh, Delhi and Hyderabad soon, as per the release.

“Zoomcar first introduced EVs for commercial use in Karnataka back in 2013 and this announcement today represents a dramatic expansion of our EV vision for the state,” Zoomcar co-Founder and CEO Greg Moran said in the release.

Mysuru has taken several initiatives in making the city green such as public bicycle sharing in recent months, he said adding the roll-out of EVs coupled with fast charging infrastructure is an extension of the Mysuru administration’s vision for a cleaner, greener India.