In a bid to build a global supply chain, contract manufacturer Zetwerk has been focussing on multiple categories such as oil and gas, defence, renewable energy, etc., said Srinath Ramakkrushnan, Co-Founder of Zetwerk.

Zetwerk is a manufacturing network that partners with enterprises across sectors and gets the products manufactured majorly through a network of small and medium manufacturers. The company claims that it works with 10,000 MSMEs, 95 per cent of whom are in India. 

In an interaction with businessline, Ramakkrushnan said: “As we operate in traditional sector which is cyclical and seasonal, it is important for us to be diversified. We are looking at opportunities that can come out for multiple decades and we are excited about newer spaces like renewable energy, and technologies like green hydrogen.” Zetwerk is looking at creating a supply chain that is not just making in India for India, but in India for the world, he added. 

Zetwerk is present in various categories such as railways, oil and gas, aerospace and defence, capital goods and consumer goods and is looking at opportunities in all the sectors, he said.

China plus one strategy, GST, export incentives and production linked incentives scheme are favouring India’s growth, said Ramakkrushnan.

Besides, India’s potential in the growing electronics manufacturing services and semiconductors space will further the boost the country’s growth, he added.

Zetwerk has expanded overseas by creating subsidiaries in Singapore and the US. It is plannning to increase its capabilities and penetrate deeper in the international markets, according to Ramakkrushnan. 

The company has made four acquisitions, the recent one being the acquisition of manufacturing services company Unimacts for $39 million.

Ramakkrushnan has said the acquisitions have built the company’s credentials in multiple categories.