Personal Care brand Joy, owned by RSH Global, is targeting a revenue of ₹750 crore in FY2025. The company is focusing on expanding its distribution network in its domestic market.

Focusing on mass-market products, the company aims to earn .₹575 crore in FY2024. The Kolkatta-based company will expand its reach to direct distribution to 5,00,000 outlets in the next three years.

“We will be closing the year with 20 per cent top line higher than last year and planning to grow by 30-35 per cent next year. We are working majorly on our core geographies in the North, West and Eastern parts of India. The growth will come from expanding our distribution wherein we are expanding in general and modern trade. We are covering nearly 1,50,000 outlets and plan on increasing it to more than 3X,” said Sunil Agarwal, Founder and Chairman of RSH Global to businessline.

The company which has manufacturing facilities in Kolkata and Baddi in Himachal Pradesh, has invested ₹80 crore in a new facility. The facility is expected to be functional by August and will increase the overall capacity to 50,000 metric tonnes.

Online sales

The company’s online sales contribute 10 per cent of its overall revenue and are expected to increase with the demand uptick.

“We started seeing growth in the online business from the last three years. For the industry, the online business is up to 18 per cent. The online sales for the company will touch 20 per cent in the next three years.” he said.

Focussed on a mass market brand, the company will venture into premiumisation strategically.

International market

The company operates in 25 countries and is working on expanding its footprint in other international markets.

“We are getting into new markets including the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and the United States of America. We are also exploring venturing into Brazil. The company is expecting to go into the new markets this financial year and we expect the markets to flourish by 2026-2027,” added Sunil Agarwal.