Prejex Inc., a spin-off of Germany-based Prejex GMBH, has entered into an agreement with Polybond, headed by Adit Rathi of Rathi Group, to manufacture needle-less injections. This partnership has enabled shifting of the German company’s manufacturing capabilities from Berlin to Pune. The Prejex-Polybond factory will make needle-less injections for the entire world.

“The efforts of Niraj Khinvasara, CIO, World Trade Center, Pune, and Sagar Chordia, Chairman, World Trade Center Pune, presented Prejex a data-based analysis highlighting Pune as an industrial hub, with over 250 German firms. The presentation focused on the decision of Maarten Stuut, MD of Prejex GMBH, and Harold Gerrits, Director of Global Sales and Distribution, to select India — especially Pune — as their preferred destination,” the press statement issued by Prejex added.  

The statement added that Prejex’s New Drug Delivery System (NDDS) via needle-less injections is a long-awaited innovation for the medical world Prejex provides a solution to a variety of issues that professionals face in day-to-day operations.

The N-Jector Series comprisesa single-dose disposable device. The dose is pre-charged or pre-filled in an ampoule and the device can be packed and disposed of once the dose has been administered. The device and/ or ampoule can be stored in a refrigerator or at room temperature.

The Prejex Multi-Reusable Device lasts for up to 30,000 clicks and is ideal for home use and/ or self-administration. It is compatible with pre-filled and non-filled ampoules that can be attached at a simple twist.

“Nearly 5 per cent of the world is diabetic, that is, roughly 4.5-5 million people take 2 injections a day and companies like Prejex can alleviate pain and make life easier for such patients. The medical sector is a critical segment for us. Prejex (Needleless Injections) is bringing to Pune an innovative and strategic initiative, by creating and fostering an ecosystem of medical innovation in India,” said Niraj Khinvasara, CIO, World Trade Center, Pune

“We are proud to be associated as the manufacturing partner for needleless injections for Prejex GmbH. This association is a true example of the ‘Make in India’ movement. Not only will European consumers get the benefit of European innovation combined with competitive Indian costs, such associations also accelerate the introduction of innovative products in the Indian market,” said Adit Rathi, Managing Director, Polybond India Pvt Ltd.