R1 RCM, a tech-enabled revenue cycle management service provider for hospitals, health systems and physician groups in the US, is planning to hire around 3,000 employees in Chennai by the end of the calendar year. The company on Tuesday launched a new centre in Commerzone IT Park in Chennai.

“A hotbed of cross functional talent, the country has played a vital role in our growth as an organisation over the past decade. Today, we kickstart a new chapter in our journey in India with the opening of our centre in Chennai,” said Abhijeet Pawar, EVP-Global Operations & India Country General Manager. 

“With a dedicated facility in the region, we intend to harness the power of the local talent base to further bolster both our growth prospects and help them in their career development,” he added.

Speaking on the sidelines of the new facility launch, Pawar said, from around 2,000 employees in 2016-17, R1 RCM has rapidly grown into a 13,000 employee organisation within a short span with offices in Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru. He attributed the jump in employee addition to the growing demand for revenue cycle management services in the US market coupled with the company’s customer segment expansion, service portfolio expansion and execution excellence by the Indian workforce. 

Swati Khandelwal, Head of Human Resources, R1RCM, said Chennai fits the company’s expectations in so many ways including the vast pool of talented individuals, number of educational institutions, strong cultural and work ethics.

“Our expectation is to hire at least 3,000 people in the next 12 months and grow very rapidly from there,” Khandelwal said. The recruitment will cover all categories of employment ranging from entry level to leadership roles. 

Divye Sikka, VP-Operations, R1RCM said, “The Chennai office will be a critical operations centre for us to cater to the demand we are receiving from our clients. It’s a key milestone for R1 India as we move ahead to strengthen our skilled workforce.”