Indian automaker Tata Motors will be increasing the prices of its commercial vehicles (CVs). The prices will increase from April 1 up to 2 per cent.

This is the second increase in CV prices in 2024 announced by Tata Motors. The company announced the first increase in commercial vehicle prices from January 1 up to 3 per cent. 

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“The price increase is to offset the residual impact of the past input costs. While the price increase will vary as per individual model and variant, it will be applicable across the entire range of CVs,” the company said in a stock exchange filing. 

Earlier, Tata Motors had increased the vehicle prices of its passenger vehicle (PV) from February 1 up to 0.7 per cent. 

The automaker recently announced the demerger of its PVs and CVs businesses into two separately listed entities. 

The demerger will be implemented through an NCLT scheme of arrangement and all shareholders of TML shall continue to have identical shareholding in both the listed entities.