Oil field services provider Seros Energy on Monday announced that it achieved a significant milestone by consistently delivering over 10,000 meters of wells on a monthly basis, exclusively for coal bed methane (CBM) drilling projects across India.

The company also made a noteworthy indent as an Indian service provider to execute more than 200 hydraulic fracturing jobs assisted by coiled tubing in the Eastern CBM belt while unlocking pay zones with some of the most significant fracking jobs executed in the CBM reservoir, per the company.

Seros Energy MD & CEO Ashish Agarwal said, “As the world transitions towards cleaner, sustainable energy sources, Seros Energy is at the vanguard, pioneering a more efficient future for CBM exploration in India. Our unwavering commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship transcends mere business strategy; it is a steadfast dedication to cultivating a sustainable energy landscape that will benefit generations to come.”

The company’s expertise is sought after by major players in India’s CBM sector, including Essar Oil and Gas Exploration Production, Reliance Industries and ONGC.

The contract drilling services provider offers specialised services such as Hydraulic Fracking and Well Services. Besides, it is a leading coastal fleet operator with over 40 marine assets, offering a wide range of services such as Cargo movement, Harbour operations, Lighterage, and Dredging.