Singapore-based Neurowyzr, a start-up which offers brain health mapping services, has set up shop in India, with an eye on providing services to IT companies. The Indian arm is headquartered in Chennai. 

Neurowyzr’s 16-minute ‘digital brain function screen’ will give a gamified test to a person—employee—and give him a score. The test will also help determine the root cause of a brain problem, if any, and suggest a remedy. 

As people grow older, brain function starts to decline. This ‘cognitive decline’ does not mean a brain disorder or disease, but just a slowdown, which could sometimes manifest as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease in later life. Some people, especially those in stressful industries such as IT, are more prone to such a lapse. However, symptoms can be caught early with tests such as those designed by Neurowyzr. 

In a conversation with Business Line, Pang Sze Yunn, CEO, Neurowyzr, observed that while people may go in for health check-ups, the brain is generally ignored. She pointed to a recent report of Deloitte that said that Indian firms were losing $14b a year because of mental health issues.  

“Neurowyzr’s corporate suite will bring digital brain assessments, awareness, training and support solutions to employees to protect and enhance brain performance,” says a background note of the company. Companies will benefit by lower absenteeism, attrition and better performance, Yunn said.