It started with an ambition. An ambition to cover sports that do not get attention in the national media. Mallakhamb is one such ancient sport in Madhya Pradesh, which means “pole wrestling.”

Now you can see Mallakhamb on your screen and many other exciting sports with the help of SportsCast India.

Contestants are required to execute acrobatic manoeuvres using either a vertical pole or rope as their apparatus in Mallakhamb. Judges evaluate their performance based on the level of expertise demonstrated in executing these skills.

“We focus on showcasing sports with limited exposure because we believe they deserve recognition for the often-overlooked hard work that happens behind the scenes,” said Aditya Mohanty, co-founder, SportsCast India. 

Established in January 2020 by Aditya Mohanty and Yash Buchke, SportsCast India, run and operated by Sportsanctum Sports Entertainment, provides affordable broadcasting and live-streaming services for local and regional sporting events typically ignored by mainstream broadcasters.

“Geographically, we operate nationwide, covering 16 States from North to South, including Nagaland, Kerala, Gujarat, and Rajasthan,” said Mohanty.

Today, SportsCast India includes around 25 sports in its coverage, ranging from district-level cricket and football tournaments to local boxing championships and ultimate frisbee competitions.

In collaboration with multiple national sports federations and leagues, the platform offers live scores, statistics, comprehensive live commentary, highlight reels, and athlete spotlights. The company also hosted two international tournaments (South East Asian games and Central Asian Football Association Nations Cup) in June.

Driven by a passion for sports, both Mohanty and Buchke, identified a significant market gap in the lack of broadcasting for local and State-level sports events. “We aimed to reduce production costs and tap into this niche. In 2020, after extensive ideation, we took the initiative to address this gap by starting our venture,” said Mohanty.

Despite starting with no industry contacts, our company has successfully organised over 150 tournaments through hard work, including cold calling, networking, and delivering value to associations, added Mohanty.

Dynamic social media

As of November 25, SportsCast India has 135K subscribers and 1.7K videos on their YouTube channel.

Our goal is beyond being just a YouTube channel or production house; we’re prioritising content creation and building a substantial database of athletes, said Mohanty.

With an extensive list of athletes already in collaboration, we are also venturing into a new segment by introducing podcasts on our channel, added Mohanty.

We’re launching two podcast segments: a daily news segment covering all Indian sports and a sports-themed podcast featuring in-depth athlete stories, aiming to provide comprehensive coverage often overlooked by mainstream media, explained Mohanty.

In March this year, SportsCast announced that it had raised an undisclosed amount of funding from the Chennai-based SkaSports Investments Pvt Ltd for a minority stake.

Mohanty said that SkaSports is enabling the company to concentrate on attracting an international audience to Indian sports, encompassing traditionally-overlooked sports. Additionally, it’s also helping to ideate the launch of the podcast segment.