Swiggy, an on-demand convenience platform, announced the launch of Swiggy Skills Academy- a multiskilling, multilingual learning offering for its delivery executives and their children.

The academy’s course content is developed based on a detailed study conducted to understand the aspirations of Swiggy’s delivery executives better, the company said in a statement. Research findings showed that aspirations range from acquiring skills that will help them perform their current roles better, take on new roles at Swiggy, earn the respect of friends and family, and prepare them for opportunities beyond Swiggy.

In August, Swiggy delivery workers went on strike in Bengaluru and Delhi to protest poor pay, safety concerns, and reduced incentives. They also protested against the company’s low payouts in 2020.

Pillars for growth

Swiggy Skills Academy is structured around four pillars-Skills for All (spoken English, time management, personal finance), Skills for Children (career counselling, online educational content), Skills for Growth (certification from national institutes and government bodies), and Skills for Life (support executive in completing matriculation, intermediate schooling, higher education).

Swiggy has partnered with Khan Academy, a non-profit educational organization, to provide courses and certifications. It has also partnered with Google to use Read Along, a speech-based reading tool, to help children of delivery partners improve their reading skills.

Well-rounded learning

In June, Swiggy ran month-long pilots under the ‘Skills for All’ and ‘Skills for Children’ pillars in Mumbai and Hyderabad. The ‘Skills for All’ pilots saw participation in the Spoken English and Financial Management courses. Children of delivery executives completed Math learning support and reading comprehension courses in the ‘Skills for Children’ pilot. While these two pillars are accessible to Swiggy’s fleet of over 3 lakh delivery partners, ‘Skills for Growth’ and ‘Skills for Life’ will be made available in a few months.

Girish Menon, Head of Human Resources at Swiggy said, “With Swiggy Skills, we have taken a step in fulfilling our responsibility towards our executives with the focus to create an opportunity for their growth and progress. Providing our delivery executives with an avenue for well-rounded learning and development not only benefits them in their current role but also plays a key role in their long-term aspirations and success.”

IApril, Swiggy launched ‘Step-Ahead’, an industry-first accelerator program for its delivery executives to transition into full-time, managerial-level jobs with a fixed salary and additional benefits. With the ‘Swiggy Skills’ academy, the company has focused on providing all the resources for building and honing skills that will enable a delivery executive’s growth.