Tamilnadu Coke & Power Ltd (TNCPL), which is in the process of raising funds through an initial public offering (IPO), said it has secured ₹23 crore worth of orders to supply low ash metallurgical coke to Mukand Ltd, which manufactures speciality steel and SLR Metaliks Ltd, a Karnataka-based metals manufacturer.

The company fulfilled an order for LAM (low ash metallurgical) Coke to Mukand Ltd earlier this week and will deliver LAM Coke to SLR Metaliks Ltd shortly.

“These new orders are a testament to our high-quality LAM Coke and the customers’ trust in our capabilities and commitment. As we embark on our journey towards an IPO, we are determined to expand our LAM Coke business to newer regions in the country,” said Ayaan Ahuja, Chairman & Managing Director of TNCPL.

The soon-to-be-listed TNCPL is in the business of manufacturing LAM coke by converting and selling coking coal, generating power from waste heat recovery, and selling electricity.