TE Connectivity (TE), a leader in connectivity and sensors, has collaborated with the Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC) Start-up Hub to launch its first accelerator program in the country.

The program is designed to promote and accelerate start-ups initially in the energy and electrification, smart cities, and IoT domains, by providing them with mentorship support, access to resources, and a global network.

“We are excited to continue building our capabilities at our innovation hubs in Bangalore and Pune, where we currently have more than 1,200 product engineers, co-located at labs and working on some of the most exciting technologies. We believe launching an accelerator in Bangalore’s entrepreneurial ecosystem will help develop capabilities and drive innovation,” said Rahul Mathur, Director at TE.

Mentorship support

In collaboration with the BCIC Start-up Hub, the program includes specific models to provide guidance and mentorship support for the start-ups and will also help them discover possible support for global exposure through its network.

TE Connectivity India will offer innovative solutions to help start-ups optimise designs, reduce costs, improve performance, and enhance the user experience.

TE’s technical mentors will provide guidance on how to design new components to meet customer needs. The BCIC Start-up Hub will foster collaboration between start-ups, subject-matter experts, technology firms, and research institutions to overcome market challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

“The future of mobility will create a completely new ecosystem of electrified mobility with autonomous shuttles and trucks, software-defined vehicles, autonomous safety, seamless vehicle to everything, V2X communication, mobility pods, electrified air taxis, micro-mobility, and many others,” said Ralf Klädtke, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at TE.