Hit by water shortage, Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Ltd shut down one of its paper machines at its Karur Plant.

The company has informed the BSE that it stopped production from its Paper Machine II at the printing and writing paper unit on Tuesday. Production will resume once water is available.

The other two machines are in operation, it said.

According to reliable sources, the stoppage will mean a production loss of about 400 tonnes a day. Under normal conditions the output from the Karur Plant is about 1,150 tonnes a day with a total annual capacity of about 4 lakh tonnes.

The production will now drop to about 750 tonnes a day.

TNPL has a total annual production capacity of 6 lakh tonnes spread across two manufacturing facilities, including a packaging board plant of 2 lakh tonnes a year.

During the third quarter of the current year the company had announced it produced 1.03 lakh tonnes of printing and writing paper and 24,288 tonnes of packaging board. (EOM)