CIPACA has entered into a partnership with Parmeshwari Hospital at Garhwa in Jharkhand to operate 24x7 emergency and ICU services. With its entry into Jharkhand, CIPACA’s footprint has expanded to eight States in India through its partnerships with hospitals in small towns for establishing and managing ICU operations to serve critical patients in rural areas. A year ago, it was present only in three States.   

Founded by J P Singh and Nishant Kumar Singh, Parmeshwari Hospital, a 45-bedded multi-speciality hospital, offers a range of healthcare services. It is one of the leading hospitals in Garwha.  

ICU care for rural populace

CIPACA’s ICU operations in Parmeshwari Hospital got inaugurated on Friday. As the demand for critical care services grows in the region, Parmeshwari Hospital aims to offer affordable and quality ICU care to rural people in the vicinity of Garhwa. The nearest ICU for the people ofGarhwa is in Ranchi and Varanasi, which is 210.5 km and 224.1 km away respectively, and takes more than 5 hrs according to a statement.

There might be infrastructure to run a full-fledged tertiary ICU setup in Garwha but there is no availability of properly skilled manpower which includes doctors, nurses and paramedical technicians to manage critically ill patients with precision and quality.  

“It has been our cherished vision to render quality ICU care services to patients in our region who do not have the means to go to corporate hospitals in big cities in times of critical emergencies. We observed that CIPACA has been doing a tremendous job in providing world-class ICU services in rural hospitals. This stimulated us to partner with CIPACA to manage the day-to-day ICU operations with their ICU team,” said Dr Nishant Kumar Singh, Managing Director of Parmeshwari Hospital.    

While it’s a reflection of faith in our quality work in the areas of ICU, CIPACA is also happy to join with Parmeshwari Hospital to support their vision of providing quality ICU care to the people of Garwha,” said Dr Raja Amarnath, Managing Director of CIPACA.   

An ICU bed may cost an average of ₹70,000-1 lakh per day in corporate hospitals in metro and big cities, while in tier 2 towns the cost is estimated at ₹40,000-60,000. CIPACA enables their partnering hospitals in small towns to offer quality ICU care at a fee of ₹10,000-20,000 per day for a patient who requires ventilator care.