Showcasing their agricultural expertise, students from the College of Agriculture, Vellanikkara, reaped a bountiful harvest of watermelon which was taken up as part of precision farming initiative.

The initiative was under the guidance of seasoned agricultural scientists in a sprawling 2-acre watermelon field.

Pradeep Kumar T, the Vice-Chancellor of KUFOS and a scientist renowned for his contributions to watermelon breeding, initiated the first harvest. He has developed seedless watermelon hybrids, including the red-fleshed ‘Shonima’ and the yellow-fleshed ‘Swarna’, during his tenure as a Professor at Kerala Agricultural University.

Demonstrating adaptability

Second-year students and their instructors actively participated in the harvest, showcasing their passion and commitment to mastering modern farming techniques. With guidance from agricultural scientists, they meticulously tended to three distinct hybrids—orange, yellow, and red varieties—demonstrating their adaptability and versatility in agricultural practices.

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The involvement of youth in hi-tech farming endeavours is paramount. As the agricultural landscape evolves with technological advancements, the active engagement of young minds becomes essential in driving innovation and sustainability.

College of Agriculture, Vellanikkara, play a crucial role in empowering students to participate actively in practical endeavoors, thus nurturing a generation of agriculturists equipped with both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience.