Poona Agro Cart, an agricultural start-up under MSME, by farmers of Maharashtra began its operations from its Manjari office in Pune, Maharashtra. 

The company has on board more than 1000 farmers from Pune and plans to source fresh produce from about 10,000 farmers in the next six months.

Poona Agro Cart is a Pune-based agritech e-commerce start-up dealing in farm fresh produce, mainly fresh fruits and vegetables using APEDA-approved world-class infrastructure. The company has also developed applications in B2B, B2C and farmer level apps. The company has also launched an offer called ‘Shagun Basket’ at ₹499. The proceeds from the sale of these Shagun baskets will be donated to an orphanage that works on welfare of farmer’s children.

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Lanka Sivakumar Reddy, CEO, Poona Agro Cart, said in a statement, “Our vision is to create a healthy ecosystem by ensuring access to safe and nutritious food for all. We are working on a mission to deliver safe and nutritious food for all by transforming the agri-food system and increasing the wealth of farmers. We want to create an impact on Indian agriculture, farmers’ economy, and customer satisfaction with our innovation, transparency, and quick delivery model. We aim to give all agri-farm outputs to end consumers and feed the world through our export division.”

Poona Agro Cart has built a reliable, cost-effective, and high-speed food system and infrastructure to source fresh produce from farmers and deliver them to our customers.

Kiran Dond -Marketing Head of the company, said, “We are now ready to provide all premium quality fresh fruits and vegetables, including hydroponics, exotics, and organic to end customers and making their life healthy”.