Bioprime Agrisolutions, an agbiotech start-up, has launched Bionexus library, a first-of-its-kind and the largest collection of plant-associated microbes in India. 

This initiative aims to unlock the hidden potential of microbial communities residing within plants, help recognise crop resilience, productivity and plant protection, a statement from the company said.

Recognising that every plant is a complex ecosystem comprising diverse microbial organisms that interact symbiotically and influence the plant’s growth and performance, Bioprime Agrisolutions has developed a cutting-edge high throughput screening process. This approach scrutinises the physiological and biochemical responses of plants to microbes, enabling the identification and validation of promising leads for further comprehensive plant studies and omics.

Sourced from over 300 locations

The Bionexus library currently houses over 15,000 microbial isolates, sourced from over 300 locations spanning the length and breadth of India. These invaluable resources include samples from regions as diverse as Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Pangong Tso in Leh, Sonmarg, Kashmir, to caves in Kerala. 

The collection houses microbes from sea level to 16,500 feet, from pH 5 to 11, from rainfall of 210 mm to 11,430 mm, from -8°c to 70°c. This covers vast habitats like grass lands, rain forests, lakes, caves, deserts, glaciers, river basins, hot water and sulphur springs, mines etc to name  a few. 

This extensive microbial diversity database will provide researchers and scientists with insights into India’s unique microbial ecology, particularly crucial in the face of climate change and the urgent need for sustainable agriculture.  

Sustainable agri journey

Renuka Diwan, Co-Founder & CEO of Bioprime Agrisolutions, said the launch of the Bionexus library marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey toward sustainable agriculture. “By focusing on the intricate relationship between plants and their associated microbial communities, we are unravelling nature’s secrets to unlock the full potential of our crops,” she said. 

This library will fuel innovation, enabling us to develop novel products and solutions that enhance crop resilience, productivity, and protection, Diwan said. 

Bioprime Agrisolutions has identified eight promising products from the microbial isolates that are in the pipeline. These products hold immense potential to transform agriculture and address the pressing challenges faced by farmers.