Satyukt, a global agtech firm aiming to revolutionise farming practices worldwide, has expanded the  language support for its Sat2Farm mobile application. 

Sat2Farm, a satellite-based agricultural monitoring system, has widened the offerings to cater to farmers across the globe, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for users from diverse linguistic backgrounds. “... not all farmers speak English fluently. Providing agricultural apps in vernacular languages ensures that language barriers do not prevent farmers from accessing important information and utilising the full potential of agricultural technologies,” said Sat Kumar Tomer, Founder and CEO, Satyukt Analytics. “

Sat2Farm has expanded its language support to include international languages such as Swahili, French, Spanish, Malay, Portuguese, Turkish, and Arabic. This expansion aims to make Sat2Farm’s services accessible to users who may not be proficient in English.

Access to comprehensive database

“We recognise the importance of language accessibility in reaching farmers across diverse regions and cultures,” said Tomer. 

The new facility will empower farmers with valuable real-time data and insights to enhance their farming practices. Sat2Farm users now have access to a comprehensive database covering over 80 pests and diseases commonly affecting crops worldwide, said a company statement. 

Additionally, users can benefit from 80-plus crop calendars available in their preferred language, facilitating optimised farming practices. Furthermore, irrigation advisories tailored for over 50 crops are provided, offering users valuable insights to enhance their irrigation management strategies.