Leading cashew producer Ghana has welcomed Kerala’s initiatives aimed at partnering with the African nation in production, technology transfer and direct import of cashew bypassing middlemen.

This was made known after discussions between Eddison M Agbenyeagah, Charge ‘d’ Affaires, Ghana High Commission, with K. Ampady, Director, Information & Public Relations, Kerala.

The Kerala government is currently hosting a two-day diplomatic conclave on cashew involving 15 major cashew producing countries in Africa.

Agbenyeagah said cashew cultivation in Ghana is generally carried out by farmers and co-operatives.

The apex co-operative federation is the Ghana Cashew Industry Association. But the federal government has no control over them.

The best way for the association is to engage directly with the Ghana Export Promotion Authority. It can facilitate the designated body in Kerala to enter into an MoU with the apex federation, Agbenyeagah explained.

The Government of Ghana also welcomed the possibility of technology transfer and investment from the Kerala government to increase productivity and cultivable area in Ghana.

The federal government could, in turn, ensure that a mutually agreed percentage of yield was exported directly to Kerala from such fields.

Ghana is also willing to explore the possibility of reserving a portion of cashew auctioned for supply to Kerala, if the same is procured at the best average price of the day, Agbenyeagah said.

As a beginning, a formal proposal of association with the Ghana Export Promotion Authority should be sent to the High Commission, which could be followed up by a country visit by designated officials from here, he added.