The taste preference of fish consumers in Kerala has been subjected to change thanks to Covid -19, with the demand for farmed fish like tilapia increasing even after the pandemic period, according to a study conducted by the ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI).

“Though the unavailability of marine fish during the Covid period forced fish lovers to go for cultured fish, preference for these varieties still remains persistent post-Covid, showing a change from the pre-pandemic fish consumption behaviour”, the study under a national-level research project said.  

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Shyam S Salim, who led the study, presented the findings during a stakeholder workshop on the impact of Covid-19 on marine fisheries.

CMFRI Director A Gopalakrishnan said it is a positive sign that marine fish catch shows an increasing trend after it got a setback in 2020. “Though the sector registered a huge loss due to the pandemic, marine fisheries have limped back to normalcy.”

The workshop was attended by a diverse group in the sector, including fishermen, boat owners, women labourers, traders, exporters, consumers, and marketing functionaries.